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Hair and Make up Services    

Please be conservative in the number of services you request for your Bridal Services Contract-- it is way easier to just add needed services as we get closer to your date, vs. over committing early on, and end up paying for more services than you actually need.  Please note that your retainer payment is due with your signed contract, and the final payment is due 30 days before your event date.  If your bridal party members are paying for their services, they would need to make arrangements in advance to reimburse you.  ​


Do you come alone?

It is impossible for me to accomdate a whole bridal group. I do try my best to accomodate as many as time permits. The number of artist assigned to your wedding is determined  by the number of services contracted.

I have allergies, rosacea,sensitive skin etc?

If you have any type of skin allergies let us know. We also recommend that you bring in any product that you are comfortable with. 

What can I expect on the wedding day?

Relax and have fun! We come to you! Feel free to wake up in your robe, enjoy your mimosas with the girls, listen to music and laugh all day. As we get you glammed up and ready to tie the knot. 

Can you service a Large party or group?

Yes! We have provided services for groups as many as 20 (that was a record) We love to accommodate parties of all sizes.

Do you have travel Fees?

 Travel fees may apply when outside of Miami Dade. Price qoute upon request once address is provided.

Are you available to stay for touch ups?

Yes. Please note that there is a fee of $100 per hour. They are generally not needed because make up is designed to stay for 8 hours. However if you are looking to change your hair look or have concerns about the weather. This is a great service for you. 

Do you come on location?.

Yes thats what we do. We can work in any location. We are also available to travel outside the US.

Do you have a minimum booking requirement?

There is a 4 person minimum for certain dates. However I do provide hair and make up services for bride only, elopements and destination weddings. So don't be shy and inquire.

When is my final Payment due?

Final payment is due on the wedding date. Final balance can be paid with cash, credit card or check.  We have found it to be stress free if bride collects everyone's payment prior to the big day. So that the day of everyone can focus on being pampered and having a fun stressful free experience.  

What type of make up do you use?

All products used are of the highest standards and proven to be lone gearing and tear proof. We carry items for all skin types. Some of the brands we use are MAC, Make up Forever, Chanel, Stila, Nars and Urban Decay.

are you able to accommodate last minute people?

The most common thing to happen on the wedding day is when someone sees someone that just received services from us and they want to look just as great. If time permits we will gladly do them as long as it doesn't interfere with the clients that were originally scheduled.

How far in advance should I Book?

Its never too early to book. Feel free to book as soon as possible. The sooner you book the more likely it is that we will have your date available. We generally book about 9-12 months in advance.

how much time do the services usually take on my wedding day?

Make up & Hair for the bride takes approximately 1 1/2 hours and 30-45 minutes per each service  for your bridal party. Make up varies depending on how dramatic the look is. Hair depends on the length and density of the clients hair and style desired. Once you  provide the time you need to be ready and exact number of  services we will work along with your planner on a schedule or we will do the scheduling for you.

Can I book without having a trial ?

Absolutely! However booking your trial is a great way to ensure that you will rest easy knowing that you will look your best on your day. They are typically done 2-4 weeks before the wedding but can be scheduled whenever you are ready.

You ask we answer

how do i make and inquiry?

Visit our contact page and fill out as much as 

much information as possible ( wedding date,

location, time you need to be ready by services needed etc...).

Once we recieve your request we will contact you within 24-48 hours.

How do i secure my wedding date?

Please note that inquiring about a date does not guarentee you that date. We will need a completed and signed agreement from you along with the deposit in order to book your date. We accept cash/check/credit card ( all credit card transactions have a 3.25% transaction fee). To be fair we book on first come first serve basis.

Do you work with destination events and weddings??

We love destination weddings!  The logistics for these events can be more complex, so please email us with your info and details, and we'll work with you to set up the best appointment. In addition to our destination travel fees, we require airfare and accommodations to be provided for the event.  

Hotel accommodations are requested in certain circumstances (i.e. start time is before 7am/ travel is over 50 miles and start time is 9am or earlier). In situations where hotel accommodations are applicable, it is the clients responsibility to reserve and secure all arrangements for the artist in advance. The client must also provide all information regarding artists hotel accommodations to the artist no later than 24hrs prior to the event, and/or must be available for sign in upon artists arrival.